Trend Setters!!

The Current Trend: Old Walls

So despite the air of sadness in our house life does go on, and I am trying to not go down again. We have no choice, we just have to move forward and love our boy as long as we can.

I had been meaning to follow up on my recent post about our bedroom, and how it has made me giggle that we seem to be unintentionally following the trend for shabby. Although it is unwittingly I am not saying that I don’t love it. I am a woman who used to run a vintage shop on Etsy full of old French rusty treasures, some of which have made their way here to Ireland with me because I couldn’t bear to let them go. Of course I love Shabby.

Our shabby Edwardian Armoire

You See when the wardrobes came down we were left with the bare,battered in places, plaster walls; with some pieces of what looks like 1940’s wallpaper which actually I really love.

I love the look of the walls but it is a shame there are only bits of the wallpaper left. I am seriously thinking about trying to match it in a different colour.

Because there is more work to do in the bedroom, like cutting out the doorway that used to be in place many years ago that leads into the kitchen, and sealing up the doorway that we currently use, we will not be decorating our bedroom any time soon. Our bed is now against the old plaster, with it’s old wallpaper pieces. There is an alcove now because the plasterboard must have been put into place after the wardrobes were built. We like it (we’re weird, we don’t care) so we will be making a feature out of it in the future, probably with said wallpaper! However I digress ….

Despite the changes, our bedroom is still a small room and we have to be savvy where storage is concerned. So me, being me, I had seen in a mag how someone had put small cupboards above their bedside table, I liked it. So much so I bought some pretty little cabinets and RD did what he always does best and hung them for me.

Now I giggle because in the same mag it actually had an ad for shabby chic, old plaster walls style wallpaper, to make your walls look rustic, and shabby. And here we are with the real thing!! We are trendsetters! But we won’t mention the wood-chip wallpaper that is left on the other two walls!

We also have also bought a dressing table from a different charity shop, so add that to the bedside tables and I have my work cut out in the future,but trust me so does RD. You see our living room has three doors leading off it! It is bloody ridiculous and whoever designed this bungalow when the extension was built should be stopped from ever designing anything again! Our living room is not actually really small but all the doorways make it small. So that is why we are opening up the old door from our bedroom and will be putting one of the sliding barn doors on it. I love them.

This way we will be able to block off our current bedroom door from the living room and give ourselves more room in the living room. Lots to do, and we are hoping to do those two things before Christmas – minus the door.

Every weekend when RD brings our tea into us in bed the door bangs against the new dressing table because it is blocking the way and he says ‘ if health and safety come round they will shut us down!’ We have lived with worse, ‘roughing it, is our middle name.

In the meantime we have done our best to make our ‘on trend’ bedroom our home, and that means stars around the room, pretty mirrors, tiny details and of course means sparkly lights above the bed. No home is complete without a star, they are for life, not just for Christmas.

It’s called focusing on something other than the pain.




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