Here We Go Again! We Just Can’t Stop Ourselves!

Our Old Wardrobes

When we moved into our home we had these wardrobes, well in fact they looked like this…

We did our best with them, painted them white, added crystal handles but they really were poorly made, and had seen their best days. Add to that even RD could not reach the cupboard at the top, so they were pretty pointless really, and the main plug for the room was in them and was pretty dodgy, so they had to go.

When we returned from Tipperary the wardrobes were always on our agenda. We had the remainder of the week off and we knew it was time, after eighteen months, to start to really make this house our home. Our bedroom was way to small, when I got out of bed I had to spin round on one leg to actually get out from the side of the bed. Then squeeze past the ridiculous wardrobes to even get out of the room. Add to the mix a grumpy old Welshie and a huge puppy who thinks that she is tiny and trust me, our bedroom was too small!

Harley and Elfie

I wrote many years ago how we were finding it harder to renovate as we got older – that has not changed! But we have not changed either, and when we start a job we generally start to finish it. So on the Thursday after our return from Tipperary the wardrobes made their exit.

To add to the joy they had mainly been nailed in! According to our neighbours they have been in situ for well over fourty years, so in fairness they didn’t have the tools available to them as we do now . I assisted RD by slowly (with my sacroiliac injury) carrying the boards out into the garden. But it was the mess! We have a small house, taking ALL of our stuff out of the wardrobes meant it was everywhere.

The Living Room
The Garden
Drawers and shelves in the Garden

We do believe in re-using, we learned our lessons from France well. So RD managed to save the shelves, doors and drawers which are now being used as storage in the garage.

Then fun then really began as we needed to turn the bed against the wall where the wardrobes had been, and then get our fabulous armoire back into our house from the garage.

Our Edwardian Armoire when it lived in Montaigu

Bless it, it has taken a battering with all the moves to and from France. The top has been damaged and has to be repaired and one of the handles has been broken. The bar in the middle had come away and it was out of alignment. I have found myself stroking it and saying sorry to it.

But slowly over the last few weeks it has started to settle and we will be giving it some TLC. We have promised it that we won’t be moving it again, not least because it has to be moved in two pieces and both of them weigh a ton. We had to bring it through our living room, somehow through the difficult angle of the doors, and move all of the furniture to get it in which just added to the chaos. When we finished at 9pm after starting at 11am it is fair to say we were knackered, and pretty much in agony with the injuries we have picked up over the years. Poor Harley he has been through this so often now we have to reassure him and Daisy that we are NOT going anywhere.

We were so tired we could not do anymore so all the clothes that you can see amongst the chaos were unceremoniously dumped in my car. I had a mobile wardrobe! It took us a week to finally get them all back in – but then they may have been because we went off to the charity shops to get a dressing table. But that is all for another story, and this is all part of the adventure.




  1. Wow, it will look so much better with the armoire in situ and so much more your style! Well done to you both for all your hard work… most excellent! ♥️


  2. Well done Moira you always did have wonderful styling in your homes . You could make any home cool x hope you are ok x love Linda x
    Ps still working in pALS since my return to Uk x

    Liked by 1 person

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