Random Acts Of Kindness


So our beautiful boy Harley is now unwell: he will be going to the vet on Friday. Harley will be twelve years old in March, he made us fall in love with Welsh Terriers, and by doing that he was the main facilitator in us getting Wiglet

But he is very unwell, losing weight, had an upset stomach, and although he has perked up he is very tired and drinking lots, weeing, lots. I think he may have something but I do not want to manifest it by writing it down here.

I do not go on social media that much now. This year has made me question its validity. But I did share a memory the other day, it was the post I put on Facebook on the day we got Wiglet. I added to the post that Harley was unwell and that when I posted that post seven years ago we had five cats and two Welsh terriers, now we only have Harley and Daisy. I said to hug your fur babies tight, and never take them for granted.

Yesterday this arrived. It is a beautiful spa set, designed to ‘make you feel better.’ I have no idea who it is from, there was no label or card, just this. My sister had told me she was sending me something so I rang her to say thank you – but it wasn’t from her.

A kind person is clearly thinking of me. So if they are reading this, a big thank you. Because right now I need such a random act of kindness. In this time of doubt for many, including me, this kind act goes towards restoring some faith. There is kindness out there.

Thank you

There are always two sides to the coin, love and pain, happiness and sadness. You cannot have one without the other.


Harley 2015


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