Birthdays Already!

Elfie’s first birthday has been and gone already. I cannot believe that the huge puppy we brought home last June has already turned 1. Or in dog years 15! It appears I have a teenager on my hands!

What a year our baby has had. And now her days are shared with her two terrier terrorists sisters, a stark contrast to our belove Harley who was actually very unwell when we got her, although we did not know at the time.

Elfie and Luna
Elfie and Pixie

I think it is fair to say that there is a lot of love all round with our dogs. They really do love each other, and Elfie is like the big teenage sister, who barks in a particular way when I need to know that they are being naughty!

A few things have remained in place, namely that Elfie’s place in mummy and daddy’s bedroom at night is non negotiable. Although occasionally we let the naughties in early in the morning at weekend and RD and I end up in bed with three dogs and a cat! All snoring.

I was looking back over our photos and was surprised by how much she had grown, we thought that she was big when we got her…

Elfie on Her First Day Home

But little did we know

Elfie On Her Birthday!

I have said before how Elfie was sent here by our beloved Wiglet on a mission. Our hearts were well and truly broken and little did we know that they would be broken again in no time at all. Elfie was sent here to help that. She could not mend our hearts, as is the way of grief, even now I have tears in my eyes. But she could help us smile again, and that is all any of us can do, learn to smile again.

RD struggled with Elfie, she was so different to Wiglet, and when she launched herself at you she could take your breath out of you.

Elfie and Daddy

But now she is his true love. She stands at our window every morning as he leaves for work and cries because he is going. Now she has company with her two naughty sisters sitting on the window sill saying goodbye. But what an incentive that is to get through the day, knowing that unconditional love is waiting for your at home.

As for me I look at our beautiful girl and feel a little sad for the start she had in life. She bears no grudges and is so happy to now have her little sisters to play with.

Life is constantly changing and constantly starting over …



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