Elfie: A story of perseverance

This is the draft I had written after my attack of vertigo. It clearly shows how much mindset had changed, I am sharing to show the contrast from my previous post. I found no joy in anything when I got down, I just went through the motions. By sharing these two post I hope it will help people believe that they can get out of that quagmire, step by step. …

Harley snuggling daddy

‘Harley has always played with bubbles, but as he grows older he had stopped chasing them, but Elfie’s spirit has got that old boy out in the paddock again, his little chicken legs occasionally getting spurts of energy.

You cannot sit on our bench in our young growing orchard and watch Elfie, and her joy of life and not smile. But more than that It is the change in Harley that has made me smile. He will be 12 in March and his age is starting to show. I shared a post yet still on how difficult he was being with Elfie.

But Elfie never gave up. She was sent here on a mission and she was determined to fulfill it. She had one final trick up her sleeve, she came into season. Oh boy did that change Harley’s mindset then! He would kiss her and found the energy to almost keep up with in the paddock. He played bubbles with her, and she in return gave him a new aspect on life: that he could feel joy, in whatever form it took. I also found my joy, just watching them. Especially when Elfie grew in confidence and occasionally nipped his little legs to keep him in his place.

Elfie and Harley. Compadres finally.

Now despite her season finishing he cleans her ears, and allows her to cuddle him …occasionally.

He can still be an obstinate old sod, but Elfie, the Angel in black, also known as Padfoot, has finally won him round. Just like she has RD. He will thank me for sharing this photo.

Elfie loving Daddy

Wiglet will never be forgotten, but life is starting to move on, just as she planned for it to, when she sent Elfie to us.

Rosie ‘

Elfie and Her Nose

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