Hanging Gardens

It has all had to change since the arrival of ‘The Harry’s’ as the Lakies previously known as Luna and Pixie will be collectively known. Especially after their recent shenanigans. Things have had to change in so many ways, and not least is my garden.

Last year I wrote often about how we were trying to create a little courtyard garden at the back of our house and how it progressed through the summer.

Sadly a lot of the hardy plants died this winter as we had two weeks solid with the daytime temperatures at minus twelve degrees. It was so cold my washing machine, housed in the garage, froze! Even the hydrangeas have struggled to come back. My beautiful fucshia that I had last year died, despite being hardy enough to leave out in the winter.

My garden last year, all gone now.

Now add to the mix two naughty, very naughty , Lakeland Terriers and a Kerry Blue Cross who does live to dig up a plant or two, and some of the surviving plants stood no chance. In fact neither did some of the new ones that I potted up, and I have lost count of how many times I have opened the door to ‘The Harry’s’ (Harry Houdini would be proud of their escape skills) fighting over a lavender plant, or running around with a new hydrangea in their mouth that Elfie has kindly dug up for them. Only the other day I went into the garden to find Luna with one of my new pointy hydrangeas in her mouth. The pointy Hydrangeas have had their revenge though, they are now blocking the ‘Houdini’s escape route , sitting pride of place on my gate -posts.

All I can say is Hydrangeas are hardy plants, all have survived, and are finally growing.

The Harry’s Also known as Pixie and Luna
Elfie Our Kerry Blue Cross

So going with the message life was sending us we decided to have a hanging garden this year, safe from the naughty puppies!

We bought some lovely brackets, with faires, and birds in them. Fitting given that I live in Ireland, a magical, mystical place; and that we have so many that so many birds now visit our garden.

In amongst the flowers are baskets of cherry tomatoes. With todays prices we are sick of the tasteless tomatoes that are being sold in the shops. I have also just added to some old baskets (you know me, I love a bit of tatty) that had a plant called creeping jenny in them from last year. It is a vivid green, and later in the season it will be covered in little yellow flowers. I was amazed that it lasted through all that freezing weather. It just stayed put rode it out, knowing that spring would come. A plant of resilience and hope. I have simply added some blue lobelia to it, the contrast will be beautiful and it makes the whole thing very cheap but effective. I have added more to my new baskets, so I can economise again next year.

We do have some pots. I have replaced my Fuchsias, and planted up some climbers. I have also added some pretty bright annuals.

Of course I have added to my collection of Hydrangeas, I just adore them. Especially since my French adventure. I have finally replaced my Pussy Willow tree. I used to have two, but they hated the hot summers in France, and I lost them both.

I have planted up some large tomato plants. All of the pots have had to have wire put round them until they are established. To stop the puppies of course! They look like they are in plant jail.

I am really pleased with the results. You can always adapt. I have learnt that so much over the past few years.




    • Thank you Marty. I hope it’s okay, but I read Gorgeous post, and will be responding, I was so moved by her bravery, attitude and courage. I would like to name one of my baskets (no I don’t normally name them) Gorgeous , and send her updates on how it is doing. Like a bouquet that will get bigger and more glorious each time (I hope). Would that be okay?

      Just an addendum, I am moved by your courage too. ❤️❤️

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  1. Oh dear the Harry’s are a handful but you are right about thinking laterally and adapting your planting. Love the brackets.. if Jo sees them she will go nuts! We got two mini mosaic bistro tables in Lidl to put plants like hostas on, as they keep having their leaves shredded by pesky snails… Good to see they are keeping you busy my dears! 😱😂xx

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    • Thanks Russ. Are the tables the pretty glass ones they did? I had a weed grow in my garden, it might have been a dock leaf, and the slugs and snails loved it, so much they left my plants alone. 😀 The brackets were from Amazon, 2 in a pack and not a bad price. But if you get some use bugger screws, a couple of my baskets fell down 😳😱But they’re okay now Rich put them back up with the original screws he wanted to use. ❤️♥️


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