Me socks ‘r on!!

We’ve been blessed with glorious weather this autumn, as you know from previous posts. We haven’t been lighting the fire until the evening, and no need for the other expensive electric heaters. They have a double tax on electric out here in France, they tax you and then tax you on the tax!

But winter is creeping in now, it has crept up the valley and across the fields and under the fence into the garden..

It was freezing yesterday with a bitter Easterly Wind, and flurries if snow. The chooks tucked themselves up in their henhouse (there not moving out now, best they stay with us after last Friday) see my post If I bite my tongue too long and I even gave them a fat ball.

This morning we woke up to a freezing fog and the valley was shrouded.

Living in a stone house is stunning, but they have no foundations and once they get cold they impersonate a fridge! If you don’t warm them up early then you have to put everything on to warm them up later.

I was out today – hence the socks!

But I am grateful for what I’ve got, not least the ability to reflect!

To my American readers have a wonderful Thanksgiving, whatever your circumstances be thankful for the small things.

For those to whom Thanksgiving is not of their ilk for any reason – be grateful.

Have a reflective holiday folks, keep it mellow.




  1. I did a double-take on the double tax fact! Fascinating about the “engineering” as it were about living in a stone house. That fire place (which looks cozy, btw) takes on a critical importance apparently. Love the photo of the bare tree and its leaves on the ground — the onset of winter captures the mood. Stay warm, Moisy! – Marty

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