Counting my blessings: Day 4

As most people who read my blog know, one of my greatest pleasures in life is drinking a cup of tea in bed. I like it strong, with a little milk and half a sugar. So this is my blessing for day four:being able to drink tea in bed.

i have chosen this because I am blessed to have ready access to water (more of that later in my ‘counting my blessings’ series). I am also blessed because I have access to tea! And I am blessed because I have a bed, when so many people (even in the Western world) do not. For that I think we should all be ashamed. In England right now homeless people are dying on the streets. If I had the money to give them I would donate to Shelter, the Salvation Army, and Crisis to help them. I was so pleased and proud when my sister told me she had.

We have had a busy few days, so today we are having a day of doing nothing, apart from taking the dogs for a walk. Both of our Welshie pups are re-homes, and in addition I have Sophie the Sofa Loaf, who we rescued when we arrived in France, snuggled amongst the blankets next to me. You can read more of her story here….

A story of hardship, serendipity, and love -Sophie The Sofa Loaf

So I suppose you could say that we are doing what we can, when we can, and for that we are also blessed.

A big thanks to those who have stopped, and thought, and shared their blessings, the small things. But I know there are many more who haven’t, so lets start a trend, let’s share the small things and inspire others, in this world of excess.

If you like these posts please share, I have put links to the previous three days of this series at the bottom of this blog.

And last but not least I am always blessed to have this snuggle bunny in my bed! (He’s going to kill me for that!)


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  1. Thank you!! I try to be thankful and look for the gifts in my life, but sometimes its easy to overlook even the smallest of things. Water, bed, tea…all things that are very dear to me, but I admittedly don’t appreciate fully. You are so right.
    I am going to be thankful for the air I breath. Its crystal clear, cool, and fresh. I see “air quality reports” from friends in areas of great pollution or fires and their worlds are tainted by haze. I get to enjoy the rush of a deep breath. Not everyone gets that. Thanks for the reminder. 🙂 I’m loving this series.

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