Taking every day

We are going to move, our mind has been made up. But more of that in a other post. Because of that we are savouring our moments in our house.

Today France has been lashed by storm Ciara, and the winds are getting stronger, with the rain sleeting down. We have embraced the French culture of doing nothing on a Sunday. Last week we sat in our wingback chairs in our picture window reading blogs and Mark Nepo, so RD, after a week of hard work, asked could we do the same.

So here we are with the cats (this one is Diddies) watching the storm go by, and cherishing our time here.

Taking each and every day.



  1. Is H a West Ham fan?
    The storm has been magnificent. I stopped the car halfway home from my father’s this afternoon, as the wind and rain became impassable. Sat and meditated for 30 minutes, warm, dry and safe in my own little womb. The car was wobbling even while parked. It felt great!
    Ireland sounds brilliant. Another country full of Celtic individuals and eccentrics.


    • Hi Kev, yes RD is a West Ham fan. But since ‘The War’ he has not been into his football as he used to be. I don’t know why, still loves the World Cup , but doesn’t care about England.
      The meditation in the car sounds fabulous, totally at one with nature.
      Yep just about to blog about our next adventure, and it is more than likely going to be Ireland.


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