I asked for a miracle…

This is not a sad post, but then it may be a sad post. For me this is a post of hope, a post to remind people to ALWAYS live in the moment, as we have been reminded to do this week.

Harley and Wiglet waiting for the bin men in our previous life

Last week our world was turned upside down . As ‘Life’ so often does it decided that the idyll we had finally found could only be short lived. Over the week my faith and belief have been tested, but as the week went on they did give me strength, gave us strength. We understand that where there’s good there has to be bad, that there has to be balance. We understood just how blessed we have been, even more than we ever realised before.

Wiglet, finally in her paddock last Sunday

When we left the vets last week Wiglet could hardly breathe, and we truly thought that we would be back there very soon. The vet clearly thought the same, because he only gave us a weeks supply of tablets. But as we left his office I said to him ‘Love is a powerful thing’ to which he replied ‘It truly is, and I have no doubt that she will have so much love.’ By Sunday we had opened up our paddock for her to spend some time.

This week I called out ‘Life’. I said that I believe and understand that ultimately this life we all have is to teach us about love, but why, when Wiglet loved her life with us so much, after such an awful start in life, was it stopping that love? I asked life why, when we had so much love to give her was it stopping us giving it? And I asked it for a miracle, I asked for more time. I told it over and over that I believe, so please give us more time.

So here we are a week later, after many tears (in the car, in the garage, anywhere that our furries can’t hear us) and many requests for a miracle …just more time.. and Wiglet is still here.

She is playing with toys again, eating delicacies that we bring her, including her beloved chews and full fat milk, and is back to growling at her brother Harley when he dares to go near her food. Harley has missed that so much he actually stopped eating.


Her daddy is her nurse, chasing her round the house because he knows she hides the tablets down the side of her gum and spits them out in another room. Knows when she needs to sleep and how to get her up and bouncing. This time last week I never thought I’d see her bounce again, and I realised just how much I had taken that and so much more for granted. I want to see every bounce now.

She is not the fizz bomb that she has always been, but she still likes to bark at the bin men and play bouncy ball. And is overjoyed that we have given her the cat’s floppy fish toy! She is still happy to be with us.

We returned to the vet yesterday, they now believe Wiglet’s tumour is benign, and whilst the prognosis is still not good it has moved up from very poor. The tumour has shrunk with the help of the steroids, and is no longer pressing on her heart, and her swollen stomach is now back to its normal pudginess.

They have now given us a months supply of drugs and told us to just keep doing whatever we are doing because in their words ‘your obviously doing something right.’

Yes we are believing in the power of love and miracles…..

Wiglet with Daddy

We have been given the gift of time, and a reminder to live life in every moment. I asked for a miracle…..




  1. I needed some good news. Last Saturday whilst playing golf a dear and very loyal friend of mine received the call home to glory. Our home is surrounded by his craftmanship being a Master Builder. But this is not about me but your beautiful dog, May he bark away for ever.

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    • Oh Ed, I am so sorry, it is so hard. I am glad that my post helped in some way, it won’t be forever, but I’m just counting each day as a blessing. Our life is different to what it was, I think that’s the biggest lesson of life: change. ❤

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  2. Aw, poor all of you but especially Wiglet. I had to quickly read the previous post because I’m so hopelessly behind in reading all of my bloggers. In your own lovely way, Moise, you wrote an uplifting post here. The power of love is indeed amazing. Here’s to more time with your precious one. – Marty

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  3. I’m catching up, a few days late. Very happy to hear that Wiglet has some better quality of life, all the better for you all to rejoice in each other for as long as you are all together. I know you are making the sweetest memories.


  4. A lot of people don’t receive as much love as your doggies do, so they’re very lucky dogs. So happy Wiglet is back to his shenanigans and happy doggy life!


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